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Kitchen Nook Sets

A kitchen or breakfast nook is historically known as a small room that extends within the kitchen and normally stands against three walls.

Many times, these walls are covered with windows. Selecting a table and benches that fit into this corner will give your room the best possible look, while having a practical use.

Sticking a table or other furniture in the middle of the kitchen nook is very limiting, because you are also required to put chairs and benches, leaving little moving room.

Kitchen nook sets are designed to fit perfectly within the corner, and to sit right against the wall so you don't require any additional room.

If you wish to choose a table with benches around one corner, you'll need to consider covering them in some form. There are plenty of options when it comes to covering benches, including kitchen nook bench cushions.

If you don't wish to get nook cushions specifically made for your kitchen nook sets, another choice is to use bench pillows. Other popular choices for kitchen nook furniture sets in your kitchen are the old cafe style tables and booths, rather than a corner nook. This kind of setup is reasonably common for breakfast nook sets for the older crowds.

One reason that this nook furniture is popular is because six people can sit without any problem. A cafe style round table that sits high from the ground is another modern choice.

You can then put stools around it, so it gives off the essence as if you were sitting at a counter or bar. These types of tables are only for two to three people. This choice is a particularly good one if your corner kitchen nook is smaller compared to most.

A huge family would not be happy with a little table in the cafe style, seeing as how it would require extra seats that simply would not fit. For big families, Formica tables are more suitable.

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The first decision with kitchen nook sets come down to the available space, and how many people you plan to seat in the space. You can see how one individual incorporated a nook set into their home in the video below.


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Sizes vary from 42”x64” with height being an unnecessary variable, all the way up to a larger, custom made nook sets. We have highlighted a Linon Home Decor nook, and a Seabrook Designs breakfast nook for your convenience, and have a more detailed discussion on nook cushions.



Deciding on the furniture style will be an important aspect as well, whether you taste is for wood or something a little more contemporary. Match your kitchen and walls as best you can, as nothing is more satisfying than finding the perfect kitchen nook set.

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